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Based near Dana, Iowa, USA, this is a family-run cattle operation that we do in addition to our crop farming.

Mike Miller has over forty years of experience in various aspects of the cattle industry ranging from cattle production to the 4-H show ring.  Mike was certified by the American Breeders Service A.I. Management School in 1997.  He is assisted by parents and fellow owners Larry & Lana Miller, who each have many years of cattle experience. Mike's wife, Tracie, assists in marketing and our website. 

                                       HERD HISTORY


The current herd, in large part, traces back to a group of heifers Mike's sister, Malinda, purchased from Charlie Tipton in 1980.  One of those Chi-Angus heifers turned into a super cow that consistently produced some of the best calves in the herd.  We basically built the herd around this cow (pictured below at age 16), keeping many of her daughters as replacement heifers.  Today many of "Elliott's" great-great-great-granddaughters are currently patrolling the pastures. 


The other dominant lineage in the herd is Simmental based.  This group of good cattle descends from an Abricot daughter born in 1987.  Several progeny remain in the herd.

Our herd has been exclusively AI-sired for more than 20 years.

Over the years, our calves have been exhibited at competitive shows including the Iowa State Fair, Minnesota State Fair, Missouri State Fair, Ak-Sar-Ben, Iowa Beef Expo, Minnesota Beef Expo, many county fairs and preview shows.  We offer good quality cattle that can put on the pounds while maintaining plenty of eye-appeal.  Our heifers make fine show prospects and excellent replacements for the herd.

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